Video Games And Gamers, A Lucrative Career

When it comes to video games and the gaming industry, it is fast evolving into one of the most lucrative segments grossing over $6.5 billionannually and that’s just the online video games. And when you take into account mobile gaming, the number of mobile users who subscribe to these games, from the likes of Pokemon go and the profits grossed just last year, you can see why it makes perfect sense to opt for a career in the gaming industry.

Jonge ondernemers (bedrijf: "RageSquid') in de game-business aan het werk bij Dutch Game Garden.

Why Games Matter

The gaming industry has long evolved from standalone gaming consoles to a more interactive sort, with advanced AI programming and extreme graphics, with the users enjoying a more interactive experience when playing them. From PS to Max Payne, the games have gotten more interactive where even regular gamers have started earning money while doing what they love most, which is to play these games.

With the help of game streaming sites like Twitch and other similar sites, gamers can now earn well just by playing the game and live streaming the same to thousands of users. In short, you do not need to be a developer to make a career out of online games; you just need to be able to play it well.

Big Money

As a result of increased demand for more interactive games, gaming companies have started to cash in on the trend in more ways than one. From releasing products designed for a certain niche audience, most of these gaming companies do host gameathons regularly, with attractive prizes being offered to the top gamer. While the gaming industry does offer lucrative career opportunities for developers and game designers alike, of late, gaming companies have started to offer the same to gamers. From gameathons to being paid to run beta tests on a ‘soon to be released’ product, gamers are able to actually earn good deal of money from playing these games.


Recruitment Spree

Most of the gaming companies, even the ones with a single product on their shelf are currently on a recruitment spree. Apart from programmers and designers, they have started hiring some of the top gamers as consultants to reboot and redesign some of their old products, and thereby providing a more enriching experience for gamers who use their product.

This is why the gaming industry is packed with lucrative opportunities for programmers and gamers alike – and the best part is that the demand for these games is on an uptick, so there’s always a demand for more developers and gamers to join the company.

Apart from the pay check, most of these companies tend to provide their employees with all the benefits that they may get at a top IT company, from dental to pension benefits. And as most gamers love playing online games, earning money while doing something they enjoy only makes perfect sense. And the gaming segment is set to evolve and grow further, thereby offering more opportunities to gamers everywhere.

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