Top Game Companies To Work For

If you are into video games, and MMROPG variants, then you’ll be pleased to know that more and more gaming companies are doing extremely well, revenue wise and as a result, have started on a hiring spree, tapping into young talent.

But when it comes to ranking them, it was a lot harder since most of these game companies ranked the same, for various metrics. However, here are a few companies that made the cut to the top five game companies in the world.


It goes without saying that Nintendo is king, when it comes to online gaming. The company and its products have evolved so much that players would find it hard to relate to the old Nintendo.


From Mario to Metrioid, nearly every product that Nintendo has released to date, has been of great quality, not to mention entertaining. The one thing that makes any online game stand out, for all the right reasons is the storyline and the features that go with the game, and this Nintendo has provided, and tweaked the same to near perfection. While the company is an established gaming company, its employees are treated extremely very well, with hefty pay packages and perks that go with the Job, making Nintendo one of the top gaming companies to work for.


Valve is one of the few companies that pioneered the FPS first person shooter variant and has gone on from strength to strength. Though their core team is still small and the company can at best be described as mid-level, it has nevertheless scored well over others, be it in terms of revenue or subscribers. Valve releases only a few gaming products every now and then, but each game is well defined, and comes packed with its own bag of tricks. They are currently recruiting new developers and the company is on an uptick as far as profits indicate.


Rockstar is aptly named; apart from conceptualizing and releasing Grand theft auto, the company has produced many standalone games including Max payne, Red dead redemption, all of which are incredibly popular among game aficionados.



The name says it all, apart from coming up with PS3, a console that stands out all on its own, Sony has released quite a few popular products onto the market over the last few years , from PS to Madden NFL 12. The Graphics are just amazing and Sony is raking in the profits big time. Even though Sony gaming is one of the top ranked company, its pay scale, the casual atmosphere at the company makes it a pleasure to work in. Keep your eye out for the advert from Sony calling in for new applications.

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