Programming languages you need to learn

This post is about the programming languages that you need to learned to be gainfully employed in game programming.  There are many types of programmers and programming jobs, as well as entrepreneurial and freelance opportunities.  You will need to master at least three to four, preferably four major programming languages to be a competent professional that can progress independently and effectively through the ranks of companies and through the design of your own way of see the future of game programming.


The general programming languages for you to learn are C, C ++, Visual Basic, and Quake 4.  The basic starting place is C and each language after that progresses in difficulty.  A foundation of mathematics and physics is useful, in addition to creativity in critical thinking, specifically with a focus on lateral and deductive thinking puzzles will assist you.  Portfolio development should be at the top of your list to measure the quality and continual productively of your learning process.

Hence, you should learn C programming and then produce some type of varied and diversified project that can showcase your competency in these areas.  General certifications for these are available from various outlets that will be useful in not only padding your portfolio but showing a standardized competency in each language that it transferrable across international learning expectations.

You will need to focus on other aspects of computer programming or engineering to diversify your learning, which may include hardware or software development.  Preparation for game programming is currently popular in general application and game development for mobile devices and social media, and your ability to develop innovative games for these platforms will immediately generate income as well as prove your ability to develop innovative, lucrative programs that are a mixture of simple, effective, and marketing savviness.

Understanding the entire business as well as business languages of marketing, budgeting, company goals, and plans of actions is useful to merge these various areas into a comprehensive package of portfolio.

Generally, when you think about a portfolio, it should not only include examples of your programming working in an easily presented fashion that is optimized for viewing and investigation of credentials, it should also include a diversity of various programming jobs, languages, and knowledge of the overall business goals.  The ability to merge mathematics, computer programming, hardware and software knowledge, and the language and understanding of contemporary software company business needs ensures that you have each of the language requires necessary to create a competitive portfolio.

Development of competency in the first major four languages is time consuming and can take more than two years of study and testing.  Generally, you should invest a minimum of five years of actual learning before you expect serious competencies in these areas.  The more you work for pay on smaller projects the quicker you will be able to progress to competency and eventual excellency within these languages.  There are some computer requirements with these languages and some computer software to get started in this are currently expensive for their professional versions.

Open source software is a great alternative both for practice as well as smaller jobs that can fit within the limitations of these programs.  After that, investing in a professional set up that is separate from your professional endeavors is a must if you want to serious develop your capacity to produce excellence in programming.  If you really want to succeed in programming, you will need a carefully structured environment that is robust to hold the diversity of learning approaches, modules, exercises, and tests you will need to self-induce if you are going to compete on a global stage.

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