Preparing for Senior Programming Positions and Firm Leadership in Game Development

This article takes a look at some of the ideal considerations for educating for game programming.  In this post, I gear the discussion towards essential skills and understandings that important for new programmers when planning an entire career in programming.  Planning an entire career is daunting and often times individuals may wish to make radical changes in their lifestyle and career later in life as they go through different biological and psychological stages.  Career planning that accounts for this and produces plans that are based on maximum optimism and the radical decrease of issues related to loss and uncertainty are more robust and equipped for excellence in the coming years of the market.


First, such an ideation of education begins with understanding that loss and uncertainty are part of economic and ecological continual growth and evolution.  When these ideas are understood from financial and mathematical perspectives, then the possibility of understanding them from psychological and physiologicalperspectives is also present and necessary.  The idea here is to understand and plan based on what brings a programmer and gamer joy.  Approaching education from this visionary place, as if it a summit of minds, rather than the rustle and bustle that a person encounters in the job market, engages a person actual innate capabilities, kinetic desires, and optimal brain function.

Starting from this place, may seem like a soft approach to the general educational aims of learning at least four programming languages from C to C++ to Visual Basic to Dephi, having a foundational grasp of advanced calculus, developing a subset of programming gigs, internships, and independently accredited certifications, developing a corpus of problem solving capabilities that include expert tricks for each program language, and developing critical thinking skills in mathematics and business.

That is of course the major path of ideal educational development for game programming and the recommendations of this article also suggest approaching this from a higher quality of planning to navigate this world of learning to account for life path uncertainty, human changes, new market developments, global shifts, and other collective events that bear on the human mind and impact the capability to produce consistent novel results within senior programming leadership and firm leadership.

What this means for educational planning is the idea of studying interdisciplinary computer programming and engineering that integrated ecological and behavior understandings of human desires and market forces.  It also incorporates business planning, running, and innovative implementation, organizational development, and team culture developments that produce novel and flow states of operation.  Educating for this requires that individuals approaching programming from self-employment and business leadership perspective with attention to real world practical experiences in investing in game companies and employment in various positions in game companies.

This multiple approach strategy is a hands down winning platform educational arrangement that ensures robust qualification within uncertain market environments no matter if game programming positions are popular and companies are seeking simply qualified individuals. There does not appear to be any indication of any slowdown in the robust gaming market so why would individuals train this hard for a market area that is not experiencing any scarcity?


The answer to that is that being at the source of abundance and uncertainty in market opportunities positions individuals to be creators, leaders, originators, and produces of novel approaches, rather than simply reactionaries to market forces.  It positions individuals to actual be players within the market as individual forces and it assists individuals to understand that abundance of opportunity when out of balance with life can create undesirable results.

This approach produces educational visions for the whole programmer, whereas technology is generally understood within the cold contexts of business and engineering, understanding the intersections of ecology, environment, sustainability, hybrid in technological and human body relationships, hybridity in human behavior and technology behavior, and understanding powerful drives of fear, pleasure, scarcity, hunger, and greed within the context of balance, fairness, consistency, humanity, and world centric diversity positions new leaders in programming to effectively generate companies or inhabit position that produce excellence within global business.

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