Online Games, What’s Next?

If you are a gamer, then the future of online gaming is one of the hottest topics that you can get embroiled in with fellow gamers. This is due to the rapid speed disruptive technology seems to be evolving at. The future of online gaming will rest on the adaptive nature of the games to different gadgets such as smart phones and tablets and its ease of access from anywhere. More emphasis will however be placed on enhancing the gaming experience into the life of a gamer and making it more lifelike and real and in a better augmented reality mode. Here are some features that have the potential of being a game changer in the world of online gaming;


Virtual Reality

Immersive 3D graphics were developed a decade ago but due to the expensive nature of the technology, the idea never took off as was intended. However with the creation of new and cheaper technologies for virtual reality such as the Oculus Rift, the whole gaming experience is deemed to change. Virtual reality is more of an immersive type of technology that puts the gamer right into the heart of the game. Their movements in the game are dictated from their real life like movements as well.

Additional gaming screens

With the competition in the gaming industry at a high, the war on the next disruptive technology is already being waged by gaming console companies. Due to the immense penetration of smart phones and tablets in many markets, gaming companies have invented a secondary gaming device that seamlessly connects to the gaming screen. Therefore a gamer may use this device as either a map or inventory look up device without having to leave the field of play. Smart phones and tablets are also being used to integrate with the playing consoles and other companies are allowing for cross platform gaming where one can be able to resume their play from another device that was connected to their main gaming console.


Augmented reality

This refers to real time data on your position and physical environment and that is integrated to maps. Therefore when you point your device towards a certain area, the screen reveals whether it is an ATM, a restaurant or some different place. The recently released Pokémon Go game is one of the best examples of augmented reality to date.

Not only does it update you on your location but it gives you directions on where to go in order to complete more challenges. It therefore brings real life experience in addition to the overall gaming experience. We should expect more of this in the future and better renditions that move toward bridging the gap between reality and gaming.

With the onset of the cloud computing that makes internet connections much faster, online gaming is bound to benefit a lot from this development. With faster internet connections, people will be able to connect to online gaming as easily as streaming music and videos on the net. In addition to the 3 mentioned gaming features to expect in future gaming platforms; and faster net connectivity, the online gaming world is set to change dramatically in the future.

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