How to start a career in game programming

The game development industry has experienced upward progress in activity and its trends tend towards increased revenue and business.  This means that more opportunities will constantly develop for programmers and that a career in programming is one of few securities within the larger global marketplace.  How do potential programmers, beginners, and absolute newbies get a chance to get started in game programming?

The short answer is that there are multiple routes and ways to jump start a career in this industry.

The long answer is that there are some specifics of programming that should be taken into account before going full force to move into a career in programming.

What are some of these specifics that beginners should consider before embarking on a new career in game programming?


1.     Do you like it?

This is a simple one, but you have to get all of the concerns out of the way and get into a clear space of mind.  Do you really like it?  What’s your motivation?  What’s your approach and special talent?

After you know a little about general career information such as general entry level, intermediate and senior level salaries (they range from 15k to 75k, respectively), you can figure out whether this is a profession where you can go far.  One of the best ways to figure this out is through taking online career assessments to match you personality and preferred ways of working and work environment with your natural desires, habits, and motivations.  The reason for this is that programming takes a tremendous amount of work and while some skills are complimentary with programming and others that are learned along the way are transferrable, programming is a distinct area.  If you go deep into it and find out you don’t like it, you need to have a couple of options in place so that you can quickly change paths.

What this means is that you need to mind a way to really be at home with what you like to do.  This really goes deep into this one question.  If you authentically answer this question then you will be set for life.  No matter which job or career you choose, you will know your essential ways and motivations and this will assist you to make flexible decisions.  The focus here is on choosing ways to embody your passion with your skills and talents with flexibility and dexterity within the industry.  This position assumes new market developments, serious competition of jobs, and the predictable fluctuations within specific businesses.  When you build these ‘chaos’ elements into your career readiness and preparation, you are in a position to lead yourself through the industry.  When you do not do this, you may want to change careers after you have already put the work into specializing into a lucrative, yet non transferrable skill.  Of course, the transferability of programming can be argued, however, it is a unique specialty that requires a specific way of thinking.


2.     Now that you are have or are considering the first question, the second question is, are you willing to put in the work that is required?

It is no secret that programmers work a generally 40 hour week however in prelaunch phases of the project they can work sometimes double that amount.  The level of work for studying, talent development, and learning tricks to be competent with an edge all take a serious level of commitment.  Your work ethic and work endurance will require strengthening, and the stronger you can be, while training your cognitive specialties, talents, and pivotal success points, or ways in which you express mastery and genius professionally, you will need to be able to back your wonderful abilities and skills with prolonged and excellent work.  Thus, your actual training, through whichever path, traditional education, alternative education, or self-taught, will require that you put in work as if you are already hired and working.

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