How to progress from fantasy job to reality

So, for programmers who dream of a real job that is basically a dream, which may be a senior programming position, career progressions within the game development industry is much more mobile than other industries.  Due to the skill based and talent based aspects of the industry, the ability to pitch and cross development unique skillsets, successes, and approaches make career advance possible where they are slower to open in nontechnical industries.

Technical industry jobs allow for greater flexibility and individuation of personalities.  Thus, progressing from the fantasy of a programming job to the reality of a great job is highly possible and likely.  There are multiple paths people can take to progress in programming.  Below, we discuss some of these paths so that people have a clear perception of their options.


1.  Individuals can go through traditional education

A degree in computer science or computer engineering from a four year school is the most widely accepted criteria.  This is the degree that will open the most opportunities for you as well as give you the time you need to develop a portfolio for a direct career if you utilize this time productively.  The down side is that four year institution can carry many distractions because there are many soft skills that are required. These are not only your critical thinking courses and humanistic skills, but also friendships and opportunities for extracurricular involvement.  Because they are not always focused directly on career development in the professional sense, there is danger is thinking that simply because one has a degree from a four year school, even with prestige, that they will be granted great position.  Competition is competition, and if anyone wants to progress, they need to take competition seriously as early as possible.

2.  Trade schools

Trade schools and technical schools geared towards teaching for programming are actually more equipped to support your career development in the educational aspects.  However, education is a business and there are other factors such as prestige of institution and flexibility of degree that can factor into your success.  The best route for this for individuals with options is to choose the four year path, yet focus on the educational training opportunities as if it were a two year trade school.  The reason is that the quickest path to get down with your education, can get you to focus directly on real world concerns including how to balance living needs within professional needs.  Until these problems are directly negotiated, the student is simply playing at life and is not really looking to step out of the fantasy of what real world professional progress can be in its amenities as well as its stress, connections, and maturity.

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3.  Self-taught

There are some programmers who can teach themselves how to develop games, how game development publishers operate, and invaluable skills.  These are your high competitors.  While there may seem to be levels of prestige and establishment in educator, the real world offers opportunities and loopholes.  The actual reality is that those who are willing to compete and work their hardest are going to achieve and those who have the most environmental and social factors as obstacles to their success are going to be the strongest at their game, whatever they choose.  So a comprehensivestrategy would start, at the bottom of self-directed learning, then move through the tenacity of trade and commerce learning, then into the elegance, connections, and more well-rounded soft skill developments that give the time for developed insightful and entertaining portfolios.  This is how to move from fantasy to reality in game programming education and real world experience.

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