How To Design Your Own Game

The explosion of the gaming industry in recent years has created a more agile and responsive network of individuals and companies that are always working towards the release of the next gaming fad. There are more people developing games today than there was 5 years ago.

This is because of the tonnes of creativity that is rife at this time and age; and the immense opportunities as well. If you have ever thought about creating your own game and you don’t have the experience to do so, don’t worry, there is a lot that you can do to make your game a reality. Here are some tips on how to design your own game;

Keep it simple and be ready to make mistakes


You should be willing to learn the game development process and also to make mistakes on the way. Don’t expect perfection at this stage. When designing your first game it is important that you keep the whole process simple. Many beginners usually have a lot of features that they want to include in their game. However, this always ends up to work against them as lots of features equal a lot of mechanics in debugging the game once it has started to be used and this is where all the troubles start off. Therefore try to keep it as simple as possible.

Select tools for developing your game

So you have decided on what your game will be about and now want to start developing it. Luckily, you don’t have to hard code every single line in your game, there are tonnes of tools on the internet that can help you to build your game easily. Most of these tools also come with already developed games which can allow you to learn from. By messing around with them and understanding how they work, you will be able learn a lot on the mechanics that will be helpful in designing your own game. The good thing about these tools is that you don’t have to have any knowledge on coding for you to use them.

Game graphics and sounds


Adding graphics and sounds to your game is not as hard and intimidating as it seems. Good development tools will allow you to add these easily. As for sourcing your games graphics and sounds, there are tonnes of open source (free) alternatives that you can get easily on the internet. Most of these are usually put under a creative commons licence and you will only have to credit the developer in your game’s credits.

Once you have been able to develop your own game and added the graphics and sounds then it is time for you to test your first prototype. Testing will give you more information of how your game can run in different environments and allows your capture any bugs that may be present. Don’t expect your first game to be perfect but practising and learning more about game development will allow you to move from being a novice to an expert in no time.

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