Games, Why The Design Matters So Much

In the game development process, one crucial element that decides whether or not your game will survive to be played by many people is its design. Design does not merely refer to graphics and sounds but the overall user experience that you want a gamer to have. Game design is a matter of answering what the game is about and how you can achieve that objective. Many game designers lose it on the design aspect, they may have the best creative idea of the game and graphics but the whole design is flawed.


So why is gaming design so important?

The objective of any game is to create a good user experience and appeal. It is therefore important to understand what contributes to making the experience spectacular and how it resonates to the whole concept behind the development of the game. This process is usually referred to as game design.


The presence of many games on the market today that are not performing well just shows how important the design process is. Many developers hardly care about the design aspect but rather develop the game without any inkling as to why people will care to play the game again after the first try (if they even get to play it in the first place). Yes designing games is hard and in order for you to make a game that will be constantly played by users, you need to take time and effort in coming up with a winning and unique design.

How to learn game design

Learning game design is an interactive process and you will not find any specific guide that will cover all aspects. Creating games, just like art, is a process that requires originality and passion at the very least. Therefore skills that require a developer to design a good game are hard to be taught and vary from person to person. However, the one integral part of any game is the story behind it, the reason for its existence.  Playability is another aspect that has to be covered by game design. A good story and bad user playability (and vice versa) are good ways of killing the whole game. These two aspects have to be combined in the design process in order to gain success in the whole game.


It is therefore essential that there exist a game designer in any team. A game designer always looks at the entertainment value of the game. He/she has to explain any design’s consequence to the overall usability of the game and come up with designs that resonate well with the concept of the game. It is as much an important position in the team as is a graphic designer.  Any game development team that has a well-defined game design role creates synergy in the team to allow for more creative development.

A good game design will allow for cost savings in the overall game production and proper forecast of how the game may be received by gamers and hence lead to fewer surprises. Importantly, it allows for everyone in the team to work seamlessly with each other as there is a framework put in place on how the end product should look like.

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