Why you love to program games?

Well this is because game programming turns out to be more fun than imagined. Or maybe when I was a kid, I wanted games to be work like I desired so that they can get more exciting and interesting. Also I know that I can code some fantasy game or some reality based game or even convert a trending topic into an interesting game which means anything I want can be coded in form of game. Sounds interesting, Right? So, this is why I love to program games from smaller to larger size that even involve database integration and networking in them.

Have you ever coded any game completely?

Oh yes! There was a game that I completed totally on my own though I don’t wanted it to be publicly available which is why it is not available on Play Store or Apple Store. This game involved utilization of each and every concept I learned during my learning phase; computer graphics, physics, artificial intelligence, stimulation, audio programming and input. I have enjoyed it and is one of the best experiences of my life.

Is it easy to learn program games?

I will only say that game programming is fun and will never bore you out but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication that you have to put up to meet the pace of this growing world. While for learning phase, I would rather say that none of the concepts were easy though they were quiet interesting. They all require some quality homework to be done and a lot of practice only can make you understand these more and more. Consider these just like mathematics; the more you will practice, the more you will get into the roots of programming. Secondly, trying unique things also helps a lot. For instance, you might have thought of something when you were kid or even lately; you should try to give it a shot or even you can consider that thing as a motivation for yourself.

What is the most difficult part of programming games?

Toughest thing or part of programming is identification of error, or what is causing your game to lack. When I was developing, I faced hurdles at every stage of development, they even made me a bit frustrated because I was not able to find the error but dedication helped me through it and then I began to sort things out.

Would you like to share your experience of working in a company for developing games? Was it interesting?

Yeah why not! My experience was extraordinary because I had spent a whole year learning and implementing these concepts and after I showed my work to most of the companies, they were readily accepting me to work for them with a pay scale that is way too much for beginners like me. And of course! It was quiet interesting for me and a dream come true moment for me to work for a company whose games were the entertainment I grew up with.