Complimentary Qualifications that make you get hired

This blog covers cross qualification as a strategy for career progress in game programming.  Cross qualification is the intentional design and planning of education for employment from multiple sectors of applied and theoretical learning.  Examples of this are when someone wants to program in game development, however focuses training on general program languages and web development.

Generally, cross qualification of does not lead to over qualification within the game programming industry.  Instead, it leads to the ability to produce higher quality results and to be employed in projects that are cutting edge.  Candidates for employment who have focused on ambidextrous relationships in knowledge are more flexible in their offerings with teams.  Rigidity in the conception of responsibilities of the job description or the team culture can lead to stagnation and mediocrity.


Focusing on ways of balancing responsibilities within innovative ideations of teamwork produce novel opportunities to utilize skills.  Novel opportunities for skill placement is a higher quality goal for skill development and the quality of goals in educational planning and design positions students and strong candidates for leading projects and leading firms.

Novel opportunities are internal developmental opportunities within a team culture, company culture, or industry culture.  Novel opportunities are understood, created, and found through developing lateral critical thinking skills in technology, business, and humanities; quite specifically, the sociology of social media and the psychology of euphoric experiences in game playing.  Complexity within this areas should focus on the interconnectedness of these difference disciplinary areas and case studies of novel design, extraordinary breakthroughs, and innovative engineering.

In each of these areas, an understanding of complex dynamics, organic interconnectedness, mathematical interconnected, and the essential factors for constructing pleasurable experience environments and simulations, assists gamers to provide excellence in new ideas.

Lateral thinking is a form of logic that focuses on creative solutions to problems that may contain seen and hidden variables.  Deductive and inductive thinking, in contrast, or logical thinking processes that focus primarily on present seen variables.  When individuals can work logically within an imaginative, explorative, and experimental context with a firm grasp on human behavior, drives, competences, weaknesses, doubts, fears, expectations, needs, and patterns of programing, merging this thinking with social trends, patterns and evolutionary cycles of savvy technology, and trends within popularity of market offerings and experiential simulations, programmers can gather much more than a well-rounded approach to programming.

They can gather a highly competitive and highly mobile form of programming fluency that understanding fluency as the consistent and constant communication of radically different variables within a chaotic, strange, and fertile environment.


What this means and its implications for developing career plans, educational plans, and independent studies in game programming, is that training for employment as worker bee is only one leg of an entire body of training that is possible, more lucrative, more active, and more pleasurable.  The pleasure principle in studying, training, and preparing for employment is a vital consideration to healthy learning and intelligence development.  This optimizes the level of joy and optimism that is present within visioning sustainable inventiveness as an innate talent that can be drawn out, trained, and developed into a highly productive, incomparable, unique, and highly sought after skill.

The activity requirements of educational design for cross qualification, enables for well round and robust training that approaches programming languages as integrated with normal human life.  This way of thinking of programming languages as embedded within ordinary culture and human relations is about understanding or attempting to understand and noticing value in understanding the increasing relationships between organic human activity and technological activity.  Both artificial and organic intelligences are now in a position of communication and learning from one another and educational design that factors into the novel capacity of organic and artificial relationships mirrors more closely the chaotic dynamics that move economic forces in the real world.

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