Best Opportunities for Entry Level

Entry level opportunities do exist, but there are some technical considerations in order to language an entry level opportunity that will assist you in progressing within a game studio.  Entry level game studio jobs are generally junior engineer jobs where you will work on a team under a senior programmer.

In order to the get the job you will need to make sure your resume and portfolio contain at the very least elements of C and C++ which are the most widely saught after languages.  You will need to be extremely exact at keeping records, both in what you have done before hand and what you do on a team.  You communication and presentation abilities will be constantly tested and you have to be able to explain what you have done and how you have contributed both to your team members, senior management, and company owners.  If you can do these things and if your portfolio contains at least some serious evidence that you are competent in real world situations, that it is likely you will get at least a phone screen.


This is because companies are definitely seeking gamers.  Looking on indeed and in some chat rooms on popular message boards are wonderful places to find entry level positions.  Also, consider freelancing to develop excellence in portfolio creation or work on open source and indie projects so that you can show your abilities to a potential employer.  The more experience you have in this increases the likelihood of being highly qualified for entry level positions.

What will you need on your resume and in your portfolio to land a great entry level position with a top company?

You will need to show evidence that you know at lease C++ and have competency in trigonometry.  If you have formal educational certification or a four year degree this will add immensely.  Especially, if you have a degree in computerengineering or computer programming, this will add to your qualifications.

If you can show specific code you have developed in freelance, indie, or open source work, or on institutionally established real world practicums this will assist you.  If you can show how you have contributed to team effects and the ability to advocate for your work that you have produced as a part of a team then this will also increase the likelihood of being hired for entry level positions.

If you have competency in another areas of computer programming or software engineering, such as competency in PHP, web development, graphic design, artificial intelligence, or online development then you can switch to game programming effectively, however, you will need to show that you have some basic work experience.

Generally, work experience is the largest hurtle for entry level positions.  For this reason, working on specific game programming projects within the indie industry or freelance sector will be your best bet to gather the experience and work related learning skills that are useful for being a junior level team member.


Larger companies such as Web Dev or Riot Games are always seeking, and there is potential for internal transfer if you have a position within companies already.  Entry level positions can sometimes pay minimum wage or just above minimum wage, so be prepared for either a pay cut or a lower wage opportunity.  After resume issues, wage negotiations are the next hurtle, so if you wish to progress quickly prior planning to meet and overcome these two big hurtles will be valuable for you. If you really want to progress from entry level to an intermediate level, then you should develop your work experience beforehand, instead of relying on employment to be your work experience.  This might seem strange because employment is supposed to be work experience, but your ability to communicate your experience and expertise is your actual work experience because communication is active and occurs in negotiation and the present moment.  Simply listing your experience is not effective at an entry level and you have to actively communicate your personality, expertise, plans, and competency through interactive modules within a portfolio to demonstrate your abilities as well as your willingness to work in a diversity of areas.

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