About Me

Hi there! Oh well, Game programming is hell fun. Though game programming is a part of game development but it requires some quality skills but when you are through it gets so much fun that you can’t even think or imagine. You can code some fantasy game or some reality based game or even convert a trending topic into an interesting game which means anything you want can be coded in form of game. I liked games since my childhood and as I grew up, I wondered what if this game was that way or what if some things in this game were not there or replaced by something even more interesting, that was the time I started looking up on how to modify games according to you own desires but after digging up so much the thing that drove me nuts was to develop my own personalized game that can have everything I once desired. This idea served as motivation for me when I was planning to start learning game programming.


I looked up for an instructor to teach me all this and thus I began. I first of all learned basic programming skills in java and then some object oriented programming that too in java to get an idea about how all this is going to work. Then I began learning computer graphics which I enjoyed a lot as developing graphics, playing with colors, responsiveness of graphics, and so on get quite interesting after you get into this. Then I began learning some physics followed by artificial intelligence. Physics, I enjoyed as there were things that I have studied before as well whereas artificial intelligence was a whole new thing for me, though it is not the case that I did not enjoyed it but it was a bit different, a bit more technical and so a tough thing to get going in beginning. Then came simulation, audio programming and input; I would rather say that none of these were easy but in the end they were quiet interesting.

After spending a whole year on this, I felt very talented for sure. Not kidding though, it really felt quiet qualified and professional by the end of this training. It was after than I began exploring organizations to work with and started developing my own game at free time. I would say that at every stage there appeared a hurdle that made me a bit frustrated when I was not able to find the error but dedication helped me through it and then I began to sort things out. I will really love to share my experiences with to all the newbies and professionals around there and I will try to properly guide newbies in the proper direction. I will also want to share some quality research I made on the organization that are best suited to work for game programming; according to my research these companies always welcome new talent with quality work, so newbies can get going in a faster way. As far as professionals are concerned, I hope they will like to know about my experiences and technical stuff that I have gone through. In the end, I will only say that, game programming is fun and will never bore you out but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication that you have to put up to meet the pace of this growing world.